CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Robin Biggs

CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Robin Biggs

“As a CASA, it is your heart and soul.”

Robin worked for a law firm in Chicago for many years before starting work in the corporate office of NiSource. She has been part of Porter County CASA since 2011. She came on as a staff advocate in 2013, and although she is now retired, she continues to volunteer as a CASA.

Robin became a CASA after learning about it through a friend who was a volunteer. She knew that was how she wanted to give back to her community. Her favorite part about being a CASA is all the children she has worked with: she has served children from babies to seniors in high school and all ages in between. She says, “Babies are always cute and love to cuddle, where the older children are like a puzzle. Once you get them to talk and trust you, they are great with all kinds of ideas on life.”

There are many volunteer opportunities in the area, but Robin really enjoys what she does with CASA. She feels that when a CASA pairs up with a case manager from the Department of Child Services and they are able to reunite children with their parents and put them on a better path in life, it’s a feeling that is unmatched to anything else.

Robin often says that she wishes she had found CASA before she found the law firm where she worked for so long: “For years I worked in law as a paralegal.  Cases were won, cases were lost, and the day goes on. As a CASA, it is your heart and soul. The rewards are not visible, and sometimes you don’t get to see them at all, but the work is much more satisfying.”

We are so lucky to have her as part of our Porter County CASA team. Thank you for everything you do, Robin!


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