CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Duane Dibble

CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Duane Dibble

“The CASA program is a great fit and perfectly aligns with my character.”

Duane Dibble joined the CASA program in January 2022. Outside his CASA life, he is an independent consultant working with investment companies, primarily family offices, to improve their back-office operations.  He has worked in the operations area of multiple investment companies for over 25 years. In his free time, Duane enjoys woodworking and spending time with his family. He is also a fan of Pickleball, the new sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and Ping-Pong. What a great stress reliever!

When Duane’s children were younger, he coached them in whatever sports they chose to play. It occurred to him that for some of the players on the team, his encouraging words could quite possibly be the only positive words those kids heard all day. That thought stuck with him, and once his kids were grown, he realized he wanted to be a positive influence on kids who may be struggling.

Since becoming a CASA, Duane has enjoyed working with families to help them through a difficult time. He says, “It is very rewarding to be a part of the process of working with families to find the best possible outcome.” He also finds it valuable to be the voice for children who may not understand what is happening or why, and he reassures them by answering their questions or addressing their concerns.

Duane credits the CASA program for its excellent training to prepare its volunteers. He feels that, “While everyone has their own life experiences they bring to the role, the combination of the pragmatic and theoretical approach of the training program really opens your thinking up to see the cases in a broader context.” CASA volunteers have to set aside some of their previously held beliefs in order to help the children and families who need them the most. He remains in his role as a CASA because he truly feels he makes a difference in the lives of children whose voices may not normally be heard.

He encourages everyone to consider giving their time to the CASA program as a volunteer. He feels that the program is very supportive of its volunteers, trains its volunteers very well, and the direct support from supervisors helps guide volunteers every step of the way through a case. We appreciate Duane and all of his hard work!

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