Frequently Asked Questions

Every CASA volunteer is paired with a CASA staff professional who offers guidance and supervision and is easily accessible. In addition, the CASA program hosts peer support events and social gatherings along with continuing education opportunities in-services on a variety of topics to help further understanding of child welfare related topics.

The Porter County CASA program is independent of the Department of Child Services (DCS) and is a member of the National CASA Association. Porter County CASA is also one of the programs of the Family and Youth Services Bureau. CASA volunteers are appointed by the court to focus specifically on the best interest of the children. CASAs thoroughly examine a child's case and can offer recommendations independent of state policy limitations and restrictions. Typically, volunteers advocate for one child or group of siblings at a time, while the DCS family case manager has a full caseload of families with whom they are working.

A CASA represents the best interest of the child and presents information to the judge. An attorney is charged with representing their client's legal interests and following the wishes of their client. The CASA is responsible for making recommendations about what would be best for the child. The CASA considers that child's whole story and provides context and recommendations to the court to help the judge make decisions.

A foster parent temporarily opens their home to a child or group of children in need of placement because they cannot safely live with their family. The CASA will interact with foster parents to gather information from them on the child’s wellbeing. Children do not live with or visit the home of their CASA volunteer.

Do you know someone who would make a great CASA? Our best way of finding exceptional CASAs is often through word-of-mouth, and we appreciate you spreading the word about our program.

Consider providing an in-kind gift, lending your professional expertise, hosting a CASA information meeting at your business or home, or contributing financially. We are always looking for ways of partnering with community members and businesses.