CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Whitney Trimble

CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Whitney Trimble

“I have learned so much…and I continue to learn.”

Whitney Trimble has been part of the CASA family since May 2022. In her professional life, she works in the financial world; she is a Central Midwest Consumer Investment Market Leader for Bank of America/Merrill. Her main objective is to help people from all walks of life to reach their financial goals. She says, “We help clients looking for advice and guidance in a fiduciary capacity, and we help clients looking to invest on their own.”

When Whitney isn’t busy with work or her CASA volunteering, she loves to spend time with her husband of 14 years and her two young children. Creating memories with her family and friends, including participating in outdoor activities, traveling, music, sports, and conversation, is important to her so that “time doesn’t get away from us.”

Time is important to Whitney. She had been considering becoming a foster parent for many years, and she spent time speaking to friends who were involved in the CASA program. After hearing about the positive effects CASA brings to the community, Whitney decided to use her time to volunteer. Her main interest at first was working with children, but she now realizes that her role is quite versatile. Not only does she work with children, but she also works with the families and the court system as well.

Being a new CASA and gaining experience and confidence has been one of Whitney’s favorite things about the program so far. She feels that going out of your comfort zone creates growth, and she has embraced that in her role. She says, “Interesting combination, I think…empathetic and aware.”

She remains with the program because she believes in the good CASA brings to the families and the community, and she strongly feels that we should get the word out about the program and what we do. Thank you for your time and hard work, Whitney! We appreciate all you do!

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