CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Lani Fisher

CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Lani Fisher

“I felt like I needed to take some kind of action instead of just feeling sad.”

Lani Fisher joined the CASA program in the fall of 2021. When she isn’t busy with her job as an executive assistant at a local church, she really enjoys staying active. Hiking at the Dunes is one of her favorite things to do. She also likes running, walking, and taking classes at the YMCA. Spending time with family is also at the top of the list of how she likes to spend her free time.

Before joining the CASA program, Lani read about child abuse cases that were heartbreaking. She wanted to do something to help instead of just watching things happen. She says, “I’ve always been passionate about helping kids, and some field work that I did for my MSW degree was in child welfare. CASA seemed like a good fit for me based on my experience & interests.”

Building relationships with the children is Lani’s favorite part of being a CASA volunteer. She has also enjoyed working with DCS, CASA staff, and service providers. She continues to volunteer as a CASA because she really enjoys it, and she feels that she still has a lot to learn.

During her tenure with the program, Lani has learned that there are a lot of dedicated people who work hard every day to help families, especially children. She says, “I’ve also been reminded that every person has a story, and when someone takes the time to listen and understand them, it can be really powerful and helpful.”

We are grateful to Lani and all she does for the CASA program!

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