CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Charlotte Sterling

CASA Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Charlotte Sterling

Charlotte has been involved with Porter County CASA for a little over a year. She was sworn in during June of 2021, and she has been diligently working the same case since then.  After a 14-year career in sales and marketing, Charlotte said, “I made the best choice of my life to be a stay at home mom for the last 17 years.” When she isn’t busy doing all the running around that busy parents do, she enjoys gardening, reading, and painting although volunteering has been her main hobby for the past ten years.

So far, Charlotte’s favorite things about being a CASA are “learning the process with such dedicated and knowledgeable supervisors and seeing that this process truly can change the lives of these children in need.”

Charlotte is currently moving toward the final phase with her first case, and she knows without a doubt that she will continue to be a CASA for years to come.  She recognizes that “without ‘the village’ it takes, these children in need of advocates have less of a chance to live the safe and healthy lives they deserve. There is nothing more critical than the mission to try our best to give this to them.”

Thank you for your hard work and commitment, Charlotte!

In honor of Rose Butler who was a CASA volunteer, and who further supported the mission of CASA as a staff member supervising and mentoring many of our volunteers, we are featuring one CASA volunteer each month who is making a difference in the lives of children in Porter County.


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